Dimitri Brom

Co-Founder, Head of Operations

Dimitri Brom is one of the founders of Covenant Internships. Dimitri founded Covenant in July 2017 after gaining marketing and recruitment experience while doing an internship at Funding Circle.

Following the overwhelmingly positive feedback, he approached Pablo Raven Morales and Tim Keijzer with the idea of launching a Recruitment Company that provides an honest and enjoyable experience towards students and graduates.

Dimitri has been involved in a large number of job and intern placements and worked with many financial (e.g. Funding Circle) and IT (e.g Capsearch, Soratus) clients in the course of his career.

His main responsibilities include overseeing the activities of the company, leading the development and implementation of strategic talent acquisition tactics and managing human resources. Furthermore, Dimitri develops workshops within Covenant.

Dimitri holds a BSc in Business Administration (Erasmus University, The Netherlands) and follows an MSc in Strategic Management (Erasmus University, The Netherlands).