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The experiences you gain as a student or recent graduate are valuable when making decisions for your future career. Covenant Group provides meaningful internships and graduate jobs for students and recent graduates. A good start of your career is half the battle.

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Company History

Covenant Group was founded in 2017 by Dimitri Brom and Pablo Raven Morales in The Hague. During their studies, Dimitri and Pablo experienced difficulties finding the right internships and jobs. The idea of Covenant Group came up as a solution to this issue well known by students. The vision of the company is to provide a new, unconventional and disruptive style of recruitment focused on matchmaking future talent with impactful companies.

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Attracting and retaining the new generation of top talent is a vital aspect of growing your business. We at Covenant Internships know that all too well, therefore do we not provide you with candidates that we do not deem as a perfect match in both skill and cultural aspect. Therefore, our recruitment process is personalized to the maximum extent.

Our process is tailored towards recruiting and selecting the right match on required languages skill sets, as well as on culture and experience. We will help you find the right fit.

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Jobs and Internships

Some of the characteristics of a successful internship or graduate Job search are very similar to launching a successful new business or product. Both require taking initiative, finding ways to excel and differentiate yourself. Covenant Internships helps you through every step of the process.

We provide access to hundreds of internship or graduate job opportunities during the year while finding the right fit for you. They are offered by our clients ranging from M&A offices to ICT based companies.

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We know that there are numerous options for graduates to start their career at. Together we will find the right fit for your personality, skillset, desires and future goals.


Our personalised method enables our recruitment consultants to fully understand the needs and wants of your business.

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